Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orly - Sweet Collection 2010 - Part I

I'm like a billion years late on Orly's Sweet Collection but, if you think about it, maybe I'm just really super duper early for the Australian spring. 

Anyway, can you believe that this is the very first time I'm trying Orly? I can't believe I've waited this long to try one of the biggest brands out there.  I think part of it is that Orly is hideously expensive here in Australia (around $18 a bottle) and the fact that we get collections 12 months after everyone else. Thank goodness for cheap etailers!

This is a great little collection.  Only one lacquer gave me trouble (can you guess which one - it starts with 'y').  The rest were supremely awesome.

Because of the number and size of the photos, I've split the collection into two posts.  Check out the Part I swatches after the jump.  All photos are taken in diffused light.

This was the problem child of the collection.  Four coats to get opaque and a pain in the keister every step of the way.  It's a safe assumption that I would rather talk to my mother about her menopause than apply this again.

 I did a comparison of China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Illamasqua Blow, Ulta3 Spring Blossom and Mecca Cosmetica's Helen.  I think Blow is the closest but what do you think?  As for application, that little Ulta3 is still the best out of all the yellows I've tried this year.  The little lacquer that could - and did!  Check out the March Giveaway Winner, Claire's, swatch of Spring Blossom.

Cotton Candy
This is a really cute little pink, but I think it looks terrible against my skin tone.  I think I'm just a little too dark to carry this off.

Freaking awesome colour.  A beautiful lavender that applied like a dream and wore like a superstar.  So cool.

Click here for Part II of the Orly Sweet Collection 2010.


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