Saturday, May 1, 2010

butter LONDON - Perfect Prezzie Take II

I don't know if you guys are enjoying me revisiting old lacquers, but I really love digging through my stash, finding a lacquer that I did a monstrous swatch for and then trying to do it justice a second time around.

butter LONDON is a brand I adore but I did not like the look of their last Sheer Collection and, so, I haven't  indulged in any butter LONDON goodness at all this year.

But, oh, how I miss my butter LONDON, so here is Perfect Prezzie  (from the Christmas 2009 Collection) for you all.

Diffused Light

Whilst I really like this lacquer and love the way it looks on the nail, it is one of those lacquers that looks better in the bottle.  In the bottle, there's rivers of gold swimming through the plum.  On the nail, the gold all but disappears.

Irregardless, this is beautiful, sexy and sophisticated.  Please, butter LONDON, bring out more of these!


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