Sunday, May 9, 2010

Naily News #29

 Glitter + Michelyne's Nails = Magnificent

Ange has some beautiful Sally Hansen lacquers to share.  Is it shameful that I don't own a single Sally Hansen?

Kittie has a fantastic mauve holo comparison.  Mmmmmm, holos.......

Elizabeth is Thataway.

Kris showcases some funky fingers.

Andrea rocks Ultra Violet (with some added Konad).

L'Oreal's High Tide proves that 2010 is really the year of grey.

Fashion Addict + Konading..... please don't wake me from this wonderful dream.

Stephanie forced me to search out my sunglasses with her manicure.

Absolutely not nail related but could Nihrida be THE most beautiful nail blogger?  Magic Eight Ball says..... yes.

OH. MY. GOD.  Brooke has outdone herself with this strawberry manicure / work of art.

Kae does a much better job with her Eyekos than I did.  D*MN KAE AND HER PERFECT NAILS!

Oh, and has anyone seen Toxin?  Come back Toxin!

If you have a nail related post you could like to share, past a link in the comments.

And click on the jump to see what warmed my heart this morning.

So today is Mother's Day here in Austalia (and I think in the US too, but may be not Europe), and whilst I didn't get a big sleep in or breakfast in bed, I did receive some lovely hand-crafted gifts from the people who mean the most to me.

This is the card Boo made for me at creche.  The cake theme?  This kid knows what I like and there's precious little I like more than cake.

I'm not kidding when I say this made me get a little teary.  Not only did little Chuff get everything right about me (my favourite food and drink is pizza and Pepsi - not even Brett realised that) but I like how he mentioned nail polish. Twice!

I can't say that the road of motherhood has been the bed of roses and beautiful moments I see on television.  It was not a role I just fell into and embraced like others do.  But I can safely say that, whilst I do miss my old life of 'it's all about me, me and then more me', the love I have for my sons outweighs everything.  No-one makes me laugh, or cry, so much as they do. 

To all the mummies out there, be you mummies of human children or animal children, have a wonderful day! 


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