Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mecca Cosmetica - Roman Holiday Collection

When I first saw the Roman Holiday Collection on the Mecca website, I think I let out an audible sigh. What a disappointing collection. Only two lacquers: one a red and the other a pale, sheer looking pink.

I steadfastly refused to buy this.  For a whole two seconds because I have an addiction to Mecca that cannot be tamed.

This collection is going to set no-one on fire.  But these are classic shades that should be considered staples, not unlike a good leather jacket.  You may not always wear it but you know that it will look good when you do.

Anyway, enough of me faffing about.  Click on the jump to see this lovely collection. All photos are taken in diffused light.

This looks like a deep raspberry in the bottle but actually comes out as a blue toned red.  Which, as you all know, is my FAVOURITE type of red.  I love this.  You can tell because the bottle has my grubby paw prints all over it.  Red makes me grabby.

Now this colour looks like a pale and sheer pink in the bottle.  When it comes out, it applies like a very pale orange.  And it's opaque in two butter like coats.

So what do you guys think?  They're lovely lacquers and they apply like a dream, but it's a little..... staid.  Here's hoping the next Mecca collection is a little more exciting.


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