Monday, May 31, 2010

TBN - Purple Rain

As you all know, I really like the TBN range of lacquers. They're cheap and the colours I've tried to date have been lovely.

Unfortunately, Purple Rain is not one of the TBNs I love.  In fact, I think I can safely say that this lacquer is the worst lacquer I've ever had the misfortune of having to work with.  It is so hideous that I've hidden the photographic evidence under a jump lest you all have your last meal repeat on you.

I haven't even watermarked these because, really, if anyone wants to steal photos of this caca colour, they're all yours.

Let me break down the problems with this lacquer.

For a start, the colour.  The base colour is purple and, in all honesty, it's a nice colour.  Someone, perhaps under the influence of alcohol, decided to throw in a teaspoon of silver glitter into the mix.  For no good reason and to no good end.  It's like a blind date gone wrong.  Both the base and the glitter know they're not well matched but everyone is smiling politely and hoping for the best.

And then there's the formula.  The swatch above is eight coats.  EIGHT COATS.  Now, I'm normally one to give up after four but I was kinda fascinated with the horrific nature of the formula so I kept going until I reached some level of opacity.  I'm a kamikaze manicurist - I know the road ahead leads to certain death but I keep on going.

This lacquer has the texture of olive oil.  It takes forever to dry and, when it does eventually dry, the tips shrink almost immediately (as you can see in the photos).

Epic fail. I had tossed up whether to post this or not but I figure a good fail is therapeutic and grounding for the soul.  Besides which, if I suffered through eight coats, you guys can spend a cool 8 seconds looking at my hideous swatch.


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