Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Color Club - Revvvolution

 Diffused Light

Let me just say, from the get go, that I have not done justice to Color Club's Revvvolution.  Man, this was a hard holo to catch.

Simply put, this is the quintessential black holo.  And the formula is perfect.  One coat to opaque, glitters brilliantly in the sun.  Amazing.  Thanks to everyone who recommended this one to me!


I did make a lame attempt to catch the holo with flash, but I don't think it quite worked (you can see the holo in my index finger if you squint really well and maybe stand on your head).  I am hamstrung with holos because I don't take my photos in natural light.  I will attempt to swatch this again and get some sun shots so you can all bask in the holo glory.

So, yeah, it's safe to say that Color Club is my new favourite lacquer brand at the moment.  I love the formula, the colours, the brush.  Color me convinced (pun totally intended).

And, for the Australian girls, I got this from an Australian eBayer - Beauty Post.  She has a great range of cheap OPI and Color Clubs, her postage is reasonable and quick.  Given the issues with Transdesign, it's great to find a cheap Australian seller.


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