Sunday, May 23, 2010

Naily News #30

My apologies for the sorry state of the commenting system.  I am in the process of moving everything over to to Disqus.  All new comments will appear after moderation (I hate to do this but the site is getting attacked with all sorts of spam, from the innocuous 'Hi, nice colour, please come to look at my site.  Nice ladies' to the more insidious 'improve your performance in the bedroom' stuff).  

All older comments will be imported over the next day.  Thanks for your patience everyone!

Miss Nixxy if you're nasty.  That is all.

The thing with my manicures is that I paint and go.  Diana actually puts thought into hers.  And the results are always outstanding.

Lisa's cat is the freaking cutest thing I've seen all week.  Besides my own kids of course.

It's spam Ginger style.  Prepare to be dazzled.

Yay, Nicole is back!  And her swatches are amazing.  And yay, Nicole is back!

Scrangie has the Vixen Collection.  Jitterbug, you will be mine.

Goddamn Kae and her nails.  I never care what Kae wears - she could make cat sick look good.

Kiki has some lovely Ulta3 goodness.

If you have a great nail related post to share, paste your link in the comments.

And read on to see how we spent our Saturday.  And provide your thoughts on whether it's time for Chuff to have a haircut!

Yesterday we visited one of my mother's friends.  She has just broken up with her long term partner and has had a complete nervous breakdown (requiring a month stay in a psychiatric hospital).

We had a lovely time, although I think she was totally overwhelmed by the energy and amounts of noise my boys produce.  It's weird because I think nothing of their behaviour but it becomes very apparent in the presence of others that they are little live wires. Very polite and respectful but they like to keep on the move.

Here is Boo jumping on the mini trampoline on my mother's friend's back porch.  I'm not sure what's funnier - the joy Boo is obviously deriving from something so simple, or Chuffy's out of control giggling.

Have a lovely week everyone.  Stay tuned because the May Giveaway starts tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I will announce the winner of the Great Aussie Swatch Watch - The Face Shop edition!


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