Sunday, May 2, 2010

Naily News #28

If you haven't entered the April Giveaway, there is still time!  And even if you have entered, you can enter again and again.  Click here to find out how you can win three Glitter Gal lacquers.

Nixxy has an OMGWTFBBQ manicure.  I'm pretty sure this is a good thing but if anyone can enlighten me on the meaning of OMGWTFBBQ, please post in the comments.  I'm thinking it has something to do with BBQs but I'm sure I'm wrong.

Romantic, gilded and sexy.  That describes to perfection another of Diana's masterpieces.

Kittie works some foil magic.

Argggh, another Purple Rain!  Worn by the Queen of Purple!

Short 'n Chic rocks OPI's DS Reflection.

Yay! Tiffani is back.  I have no idea what she's going to post now she's back from vacation but..... yay, Tiffani is back!

Nihrida's manicure is devious-ly gorgeous.

Andrea has skittles!  Even better than the edible ones.

If you have a great nail post to share, paste a link in the comments.

And click on the jump off to see what I did at the YMCA this week!

So what did I do this week at the YMCA?

I learned how to swim.  It may seem odd that an Australian doesn't know how to swim but I never learned as a child.  I can do a basic doggy paddle and breast-stroke but freestyle has eluded me.

I want to set a good example for the boys so, at the YMCA pool on Saturday morning, I asked Brett (my husband) what he thought of me taking adult swimming lessons.  'I'll teach you' came the reply.

And he did.  Within an hour, I did a 25 metre lap of the pool.  It was messy and, according to Brett, I looked like the goldfish at the end of that Faith No More video, but I CAN SWIM!



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