Thursday, May 13, 2010

TBN - Midnight Blue + China Glaze Dupe

Poor TBN.

It's not as beloved in Australia like it's discount brand cousins, Ulta3 and BYS, but I'm here to change that!

Diffused Light

I LOVE THIS COLOUR!  It's just beautiful.  Three coats to opaque and it dries smoother than a gigolo at ladies night. 

For those not in Australia, never fear because there is a dupe for this in China Glaze's Eyes like Sapphires.

Yep.  Pretty much identical colour-wise.  Formula wise - and I know this is going to be controversial - but the TBN is far superior.  Ok,  it only takes two coats to get opaque with the China Glaze, but the finish is gritty.  I'd rather do the three coats with TBN and have that glorious, glass-like sheen.

So would you guys like to see more TBN lacquers?  There's a big vat of them at my local chemist containing a huge range of colours.  And, since they're only a couple of dollars each, I can buy 20 and not feel guilty for it!


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