Thursday, May 20, 2010

kit - Power Up - Take II

Continuing on my series of, 'wow that was an embarassing swatch', here is a resurrected Power Up by kit.

Diffused Light

Excuse the boo-boo on my index finger.  I seem to have issues with index finger application at the moment.  It's a rebel finger and, were it not for the fact that it is attached to my hand, I'd be giving it its marching orders.

Man, kit lacquers are good.  This is one coat and it's freaking awesomesauce of a thousand flavours.

I also managed to get a few shots of this in the sunlight (note the redone index finger - I warned it that a grounding was on offer if it did not behave).  This is strictly a black with silver shimmer so it doesn't reflect a huge amount of colours, but it's still delightful.

Jumpity jump!

My hands look so pale in daylight.  I'm practically a Cullen - a very embarrassing admission for an Indian to make.


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