Monday, May 3, 2010

Milani - Garnet Gems

A quick question for my American readers. The lovely Kris, from My Lucid Bubble, is offering to buy me some lacquers from the US in exchange for some O zotic beauties. I'm thinking some Color Club, Misa, Funky Fingers and Finger Paints because they are super hard to find in Australia. What are your favourites or colours / collections from these brands (I have Color Club's Fashion Addict and Revvolution now thanks to your suggestions) and what do you think I should get / what would you like to see? I'm open to all suggestions!

Diffused Light

I've had this lacquer for MONTHS but I've only ever used it in comparison posts (ie comparing it to other black jellies with red glitter).

It's time for Milani's Garnet Gems to take centre stage all on its own!

This is a lovely lacquer.  Two coats to opaque.  Dries to a rough finish so you will want a coat of Seche Vite to not only smooth out the finish, but to also make the glitter appear more vibrant (please ignore the rippling on my index finger - Seche decided to pucker as it sometimes does).

How does it compare to other black jellies with red glitter?  I'm going to save the comparison until Wednesday when I do a review of the newcomer, Eyeko's Vampira Polish and then compare all four at once.

Hands up who loves these types of lacquers as much as I do?  I find these take a basic black and give it a little understated sexy.


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