Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eyeko - Petite, Coral, Tea Rose, Posh and Vampira Polish

I was lucky enough to trial even more of Eyeko's new nail lacquers, courtesy of Eyeko's superfly Larissa.

Larissa sent a fantastic range of colours, including the much talked about Posh and Vampira lacquers which are reputed to be, respectively, Chanel Particuliere and RBL Black Russian / China Glaze Lubu Heels / Milani Garnet Gems dupes.

Click on the jump to see the swatches (all photos taken in diffused light), including a comparison of Vampira, Black Russian, Lubu Heels and Garnet Gems.  This review is super picture heavy so please be patient as the pictures load!

Petite Polish
This is a sheer pink which is just perfect for French manicures, as shown here.  If you have short nail beds like me and you want to make your nails appear longer, don't necessarily follow your nail line as a guide for where the white should go.  As you can see above, my white line only covers part of the tip of my nail.  Whilst you will see the natural nail peaking through up close, from afar it's not noticeable, and it's especially not noticeable with two coats of Petite Polish.  This is a neat trick to give the illusion of a long nail bed and longer nails.

Coral Polish
This is a weird one.  In the bottle, it is very clearly a coral colour.  On the nail not so much.  Nonetheless, this is a smokin' hot orange.  It makes me want to eat Mexican food.

Tea Rose Polish
This looked 'blah' to me in the bottle but as soon as I put on the first coat on the first nail, I knew we would have to have an illicit affair with each other (illict because I don't want the other Eyekos to get jealous).  Stunning.  Magnificent.  Super feminine.  Reminds me of Laura Ashley.  You cannot go wrong with this one.

Posh Polish
Posh is supposed to be the Chanel Particuliere dupe.  In short, it's not.  Particuliere is much darker and mushroom-y.  But this is glorious, even if it's not Chanel.  The formula is creamy and easy to work with and the colour would be universally flattering, regardless of skin tone.

 Vampira Polish
 Another black jelly with red glitter.  Another success story.  This is so dark and sexy.  As you guys all know, I have a total weakness for these types of lacquers.  I heart this like I heart Lee Pace.

 Of course, this lacquer is not unique so I have lined up the four similar lacquers in my collection so you can see them side-by-side (definitely click for the larger version). Vampira, Lubu Heels and Garnet Gems are interchangeable.  They literally are the same lacquer.  Black Russian is more subtle in that the glitter is finer and doesn't show through as much.  Because they are are so similar, I think it eventually comes down to a matter of personal taste and what you can easily get your hands on.

All up, I really liked every one of these.  Naturally, Vampira is my favourite of the five but that's because I am unapologetically prejudiced in favour of black jellies with red glitter.  What I am really impressed with is the formula on these - as I've mentioned before, a massive improvement on the original line.

I'd love to know your favourites though and whether you would consider buying any of these?  Let me know in the comments.


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