Saturday, May 8, 2010

Color Club - Magic Attraction

Diffused Light

Maybe it's the fact that I drink wine at 10am in the morning (KIDDING, it's usually 9am and it's wine cooler because I'm all about elegance).  Maybe it's because I was so excited to find Revvvolution from a cheap eBAY seller that I accidentally clicked on this as well.

Whatever the reason, I thought I was buying Color Club's Fashion Addict but somehow ended up with Magic Attraction. Which, in the end, wasn't such a bad thing because this is another moment of magic from my new favourite brand, Color Club.

This is a wonderfully dense glitter in a clear base that glides on like a dream - although you will get hang nails with this because the glitter is chunky.  I heart it.

And just because I can, here is the lacquer with flash.  I make no apologies for the blinging nature of this lacquer.

Please stay tuned because I'm pulling together the email announcing the winner of the April Giveaway.  And it's not at all what you guys were expecting.


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