Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Aussie Swatch Watch (Tourist Edition) - The Face Shop

Ok, so I'll 'fess up straight away that The Face Shop is not an Australian brand.  It's Korean.  But I figure that many of you may not have access to these really fabulous lacquers.  So consider this the Great Aussie Swatch Watch (Tourist Edition).

Going into The Face Shop is a joy for me.  Not only are the products super cheap, but they are also super effective.  I absolutely swear by their White Mud Nose Pack (which is the best thing I've found to remove blackheads), their hand creams are gorgeous, and perhaps due to the fact that I am in there on a weekly basis, they are uber generous with their samples.

The rules of this competition are the same as always.

1. Pick your favourite The Face Shop lacquer.

2. Scroll down to the entry form.

2. Select your favourite The Face Shop Lacquer from the drop down box.

3. Fill in your name and email address.

4. Click 'Submit Entry'.

5. Do a happy dance because you've just got your entry in.  This is mandatory - YOU MUST DANCE.

6. This competition is open to everyone (so long as your postal service can accept nail polish) and will close on 5pm, Sunday 22nd May 2010, Australian Standard Time.

If you're the lucky winner, you will win the lacquer you voted for PLUS you can choose one other lacquer from the ones swatched. 

So quit reading, start peeping and vote after the jump!  All photos have been taken in diffused light.

PK102 - Light Pink
This is a lovely pink that has blue shimmer running through it (look at the closeup for that delicate shimmer).  If you are a fan of soft pinks, but want them with an additional kick, this is the one for you.  Oh, and excuse my index finger application.  It's horrid so I've hidden it behind some text. Hehehe.

PK106 - Deep Pink
A classic deep pink creme.  This is a lacquer that is infinitely dupeable but it's one that everything should have in their collection. 

BL603 - Blue Shimmer
This is just a stunning lacquer.  I thought it would be sheer but I got close to opaque in two coats (as shown, albeit I can see some bald spots in the photo that don't appear in person).  This is a superb summer colour.  It's just wonderfully soft and cool.  And the shimmer is divine.

BL601 - Aqua Shimmer
I can't hide it.  This is my favourite.  This is a layering lacquer.  It won't ever become opaque (unless you do 30 coats and even then, I think it's questionable).  But as a layering lacquer, it's utterly superb.  This is over Barry M's Mint Green (stay tuned later this week for that review).  Multicoloured glitter AND shimmer all in the one lacquer. 


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