Monday, May 24, 2010

May Giveaway - Nailene + Bonus Followers Prize

 Diffused Light

You may be looking at this photo and thinking 'Mmmm, that doesn't look like Jacie's nails'. It might be the fact that they are perfectly shaped (which mine never are) or the fact that there is a fuzzy line between the pink of the nail bed and the white tip (I'm pretty sure angles like that don't happen in nature) that gives it away.

And you'd be right!

I was recently sent some products from Nailene to trial (and some products to giveaway to my readers) and, I must admit, I might be turned around on the whole 'I really hate fake nails' things.

For a start, these are very easy to apply.  You guys all know how much I suck at anything beyond 'put polish on hands'.  I'm a complete nail art fail.  This took me five minutes for both hands.

And, although they are obviously fake upon close inspection, you really can't tell from afar. I wore these out to dinner on Saturday night and everyone commented on how nice my nails were looking. I can totally see how wearing these would become addictive.  Who doesn't want perfect nails all the time?

To remove, I soaked a cotton swab in acetone, placed on the nail and wrapped the finger in foil.  Within 20 minutes, the nail and glue had completely dissolved.  I didn't notice any damage on my nail bed resulting from the nails but I did wait until the nail had completely dissolved so that might have something to do with it.

All up - super impressed.  So much so that all of the manicures this week have been done using the Nailene nails.

I'm proud to offer you guys the opportunity to win some great Nailene products.  Click on the jump to find out more.

Thanks to Nailene, I am pleased to offer YGN readers the following: 1 packet of 200 Full Cover Nails complete with glue and file, 1 packet of short length, square shape nails and 1 packet of petite length nails.  That's three different types of nails so you're guaranteed to find nails that suit your hand.

Excuse the ghetto photo of this. I need to hire Kaz as my professional photographer.

And now for the bonus prize.  If you are selected as the winner AND you are also a follower of YGN (this is mandatory if you want to win the additional prize - I want to be able to offer followers an additional 'Mwah, I love you lots' prize), you will receive, in addition to the Nailene pack, a BYS Crackle Set.  As you know, I'm a big fan of this so I'm thrilled to be able to give this away to one lucky reader. But you NEED to be a follower at the time I draw the winner in order to receive the bonus prize.

To enter this competition is easy:

Mandatory Requirements

Followers of YGN are automatically entered (3 entries) - sit back and chill ladies.


If you're not a follower, leave a comment at the end of this post (1 entry)

Want additional entries?

Post about this giveaway on your blog and paste a link to the post in the comments (1 entry)

Tweet about this giveaway and paste a link to the tweet in the comments (1 entry)

This giveaway will remain open until 8pm, Australian Daylight Saving Time, Sunday 6th June 2010.  This is open to everyone - including those of you who are international.

Good luck everyone!


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