Monday, December 28, 2009

Australis - Dark Opal

So the first of my New Years Eve lacquers is another great hue from Australian brand, Australis.

Dark Opal is an amazing, shimmery charcoal.

For some reason, in this photo, the colour is showing up with a reddish tinge (I'm still experimenting with the light umbrellas and sometimes I don't quite get the colour right).  Let me assure you, this is a soot-tinged charcoal.

As for all Australis lacquers, the formula is gorgeous.  You could possibly get away with one coat, but I did two for the swatch, just to make sure the shimmer came out.

This is a great colour for New Years.  It is sophisticated, glamorous and, because it is a dark hue, it will go with pretty much any outfit.  Whether you're wearing white, pink, red, blue - whatever - this will compliment your outfit perfectly.

So, what do you guys think?  Are any of you planning to wear a similar colour for New Years?


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