Monday, December 14, 2009

Essie - Rock Candy

This is my very first Essie.  Can you believe that?  I must have been living in a cave all these years.  Or Australia.

Rock Candy is from Essie's Winter 2009 Sweet Time of The Year Collection.

I know alot of you don't like the sheerness of this lacquer.  The swatch on the right is 3 coats and it's not even close to being opaque.  It is also a little streaky when first applied, which is common to sheer pinks, but nonetheless still annoying.

However, despite it being a sheer and pain in the butt to get even, I think this lacquer will become a staple in my collection.  For no other reason than it is perfect for work where I want my nails to have some colour, but don't want to make a massive colour statement.

I imagine I will also use this as a top coat to a french manicure.  The pink will tone down the harshness of the white tips and give the whole manicure a more understated look.

Plus, it looks like strawberry milk.  What's not to love about a lacquer that reminds you about being a kid!


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