Monday, December 7, 2009

Chi Chi - Doris Day + Before You Go Go

This is just way too cute!

This konadicure uses Doris Day as the base, with Before You Go Go as the konad stamp.

Unfortunately, due to the unfortunate staining incident I suffered with the yellow, I can't see this konadicure being used on my nails anytime soon, however, this could be the perfect konadicure for my toes for the summer.

As to how Chi Chi lacquers perform as a konad lacquer, I've found they work fine, so long as you have two strongly contrasting colours.  Because they are sheer, if you have a base that is close in colour or tone to the stamping colour, the stamping colour will get lost in the mix.  This konadicure seems to work because the coral-orange Before You Go Go contrasts wonderfully with the yellow.

What do you think, guys?  A success?


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