Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

At first I wondered how Mint Candy Apple could be considered a winter hue.

I mean, really, aren't winter greens supposed to be deep, dark, emerald affairs?

I'However, this absolutely works as a winter colour. I think it's because of the crispness of the green.  There's an ice chill to this that makes it perfect for winter.

As for application, you'd think this would be problematic.  It practically screams Streak City.  To my surprise, this applied beautifully.  The swatch here is two coats. Two coats! 

I've really been impressed with the Essie's that I've tried.  As I think I have mentioned earlier, I used to be all about OPI.  I'm so glad I've widened my nail net to include brands like Essie.  Great quality.  Lovely colours.  And cheap to boot!

So, tell me, what Essie colours do you love?  Which do you think I should try?  Leave your suggestions in the comments and I'll note them down for my next order.


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