Friday, December 4, 2009

Bloom - Chicago + Matte

I'm wondering if you guys ever get sick of me telling you how much I love colours.

If so, then close your browser now because you're about to hear me gush.  Again.

Bloom's Chicago as a matte = pure matte magic.

As I suspected earlier, the purple base in this flattens with the matte, leaving the glitter almost floating on top.  Without sounding like I'm hitting the hooch, this is like some kind of beautiful, purple moon rock.

Definitely click to see how the glitter is almost suspended within the manicure.  It's lovely.

So, what do you ladies have planned for the weekend?  My light umbrellas arrived so I'm going to spend alot of the weekend getting them set up so that I can start taking some really fab nail photos.  Then, on Sunday, we're having a BBQ at our house - very typical behaviour from Australians at this time of year!


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