Thursday, December 3, 2009

kit - Wild Ride + Matte

Today, I decided to show you guys the matte version first. Because I'm just a crazy and unpredictable girl. Or just contrary. You decide.

Wild Ride is another limited edition lacquer from kit Cosmetics.

Although many people find them boring, I love mushroom taupes.  I mean, one of my favourite lacquers - Channelesque - is a mushroom taupe.  I find them to be a great alternative to pale pinks for work and, seriously, I don't think there is anything that says understated elegance, with a touch of sexy, more than a taupe.

But even I, with my love of this type of colour, could not predict how utterly scrumptious this colour would turn out as a matte.  Ladies, I don't want to overstate the situation but I am going to wear this manicure like a rented prom dress - often, with a glass of wine (which I will no doubt spill) and with wild abandon.


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