Monday, December 7, 2009

Chi Chi - Doris Day - Part I

I have had a few nail breaks in the last week.  Nothing major but enough for me to tell my lovely manicurist, Lisa, to file them back so that they're all an even length.  So I apologise for the shortness of my nails this week.

Doris Day is the first lacquer I'm trialling from Chi Chi's Neon Collection.  What a phenomenal neon yellow.  It's stunning on the nail and, unlike many yellows, I don't look like I'm about to drop dead from jaundice wearing this.

However, although I love the colour, there are MASSIVE applications problems with this lacquer.  Which is a combination, I suspect, of this colour being a yellow (which is always tricky) and a neon (which is like adding a triple salchow degree of difficulty).

The first problem I had was the number of coats.  The swatch here is four coats and I can still see bald spots.  I hate having to work hard with lacquers.  This makes me work like a Dickensian child labourer.

The second problem, and this is the first time I've experienced this, is the staining on my nails.  I'm not talking about it staining my nails after a few days wear.  I applied this and then smudged it accidentally about 10 minutes after I finished a konadicure (stay tuned this afternoon for the cutest summer konadicure).  So I decided to start again.  Imagine my horror, when I was removing the lacquer, when I saw my nails had turned yellow.  After 10 minutes. Bright yellow.  I'd hate to see what this would do after a few days.  Thankfully, the staining was able to be buffed out, but I didn't have the courage to re-apply after the first experience.

So, I'm conflicted.  I love the colour, but hate the staining.  I can see myself wearing this on my toes, where I care less about stainining, but I can't see myself taking the risk on my nails again.  Which is a shame, because this is too cute.


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