Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mecca Cosmetica - Audrey

Mmmm, a dark, glamorous, vampy plum with a largish dose of sophistication?

I think that can only mean one nail blogger.... Evil Angel.  This is a fearless and bold colour and, really, Evil Angel is one of the boldest, fiercest people I know.

Audrey is such a beautiful plum.  Look at that shine!  That's two coats without a top coat.  I think it's extraordinary.  I can even make out an image of the light umbrella in the my index finger!

This is a great colour for Christmas, regardless of whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere.  It's sophisticated, easy to wear, will go with pretty much any outfit, and lasts forever on the nail.

What do you ladies think?  Approve?  Disapprove?

On another note, I've had a few of you email me asking what camera I am using to take my photos.  I use a Canon EOS 450D SLR camera.  Which I like because it takes great photos and is easy to use.  I'm no photography expert so I like that I can just set this up on the tripod and - bang - good photos just emerge.


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