Thursday, December 24, 2009

China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle

I figured out that the problem with my connection is just good old fashioned congestion.  If I post in the evenings here, I can never get onto Blogger.  If I post in the mornings, it's easy.  So I'm hoping to have caught up on all comments in the next day or so by just scheduling my online time better.  Thanks for being so patient.

I saved my favourite to the very end.  Of course.

Emerald Sparkle is a gorgeous emerald green.

It glides on like a dream, is opaque in two coats and is literally like a sparkly Christmas Tree on the nail.  If there was ever a colour that utterly personified Christmas, this is so it.

The Loves you Snow Much collection is one of my all-time favourite collections from China Glaze.  Every single colour is a masterpiece.  Together, as a collection, it works amazingly well.

In other news, I had a total fail on the sunscreen today, resulting in my shoulder looking not unlike Ruby Pumps!  Ouch!  Thankfully, tomorrow I am staying out of the sun and having a Fijian Manicure.  I have no idea how this differs from a regular manicure but I'll let you guys know.


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