Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mecca Cosmetica - Jessica

Mecca Cosmetica's Jessica is an adorable pink.

Where Rosaline was a light, milky pink, this is darker with hints of coral in it.  I think it is the sweetest colour out of the entire Paint to Your Heart's Content Collection.  And, while it works beautifully on the hands, it is THE most perfect colour for a pedicure.  I wore this today for work and I had three different ladies come up to me on the train and ask what I was wearing.

When I swatched this colour, I thought of two lovely nail bloggers.

So.... I am dedicating Jessica to..... Kellie Gonzo and Brooke.

Kellie Gonzo is just a sweetheart and one of the nicest nail bloggers out there.  And she's super hot, just like this colour.

Brooke is like the Patron Saint of Nail Bloggers.  When I first started blogging, she gave my blog a shoutout and the rest was history.  Thanks to Brooke, people began to read YGN.  So, if Jessica is a sweet colour, then I'm dedicating it to the sweetest person in the nail blogosphere.

Oh god, I think I need some macaroni with my cheese! 


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