Monday, December 21, 2009

China Glaze - Tinsel

So I guess it's now no secret that, this week, You've Got Nail is all about Christmas.  More specifically, China Glaze's Loves You Snow Much Collection.

I know these have been swatched many times on other blogs, but I just don't think you can ever get enough of this collection.  It's like nail catnip for the glitter fans out there.

Tinsel is one of those lacquers that is exactly like it's name.  It's just silver mixed with bling mixed with gorgeous mixed with more silver mixed with a solid dash of 'Whoomp.... there it is'.

It's one of the most amazing lacquers I have in my collection.

What I really like about China Glaze's glitters is that they have mastered the balance between bling and shine.  Very often, when you have a lot of glitter, you either get a hideously rough finish that never smoothes or you don't get enough glitter, resulting in uneven finishes.

Not with China Glaze.  Every single one of these lacquers is a dream to work with.  They smooth on beautifully, leave very few nail hangovers, and dry to a lovely, smooth finish.

This colour  gets me in the mood for Christmas.  Even my little boys marvel that 'mummy has Christmas on her nails'.  What do you guys think?  Are you singing Jingle Bells yet?


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