Saturday, December 26, 2009

Naily News #14

Have you entered my December Giveaway? There is still time! Just click on the link in the left sidebar for your chance to win.

Scrangie has a preview of the 2010 Spring Collection from Barielle.  Warning: there is glitter involved.  Click at your own risk.

Leanne has the best present for her readers - two awesomely cute Christmas manicures.  You won't want to miss these.

Do you want another fantabulous Christmas manicure?  Check out Glittermillie's masterpiece.

Nicole blings up a 'not obnoxious enough' manicure.

I nabbed RBL's Black Russian during their recent sale.  Mary reminds me why I covet this colour so very very much.

All You Desire has a manicure that reminds me of old world tapestries.  It's phenomenal.

China Glaze Cleopatra has just been added to my must have list.  Thanks Pink Ginger!

Is there any look a matte topcoat can't achieve?

Diana's manicure may be inspired by a white Christmas, but it is also perfect for a tropical festive season.

Iceomatic has an inappropriate AND awesome manicure for you!

Naive Nails has the cutest candy cane manicure.  Her nails look good enough to eat.


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