Wednesday, December 30, 2009

City Girl 2000 - #25

I found the CG2000 range on ebay.  I have tried to do some research on the brand, and all I can find is that it's a private label lacquer.  And it's cheap.  I bought six bottles for an insanely cheap $9.

Given the low price, my expectations somewhat matched.  That is, I didn't expect much.

Boy, was I proven wrong.  As soon as I started applying 25 (yep, that's the name of this baby), I knew I had a little gem on my hands.

Application is sublime.  It glides on beautifully and dries quickly to a shiny and smooth finish.  Although this looks like a Christmas-style red in the botle, it actually comes out as a more dusty / frosty red.

This is an uber glamorous colour.  For some reason, I imagine that this would look fabulous with a gorgeous ball gown or at a formal event.  It's sophisticated and sexy all at the same time.

So my red loving ladies, if you are wearing a red, let me know which red you are considering.


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