Wednesday, October 21, 2009

butter LONDON - Rosie Lee - Part I

YGN-ers, for your own protection, I suggest you put on sunglasses to read this post.

Are we all set? Glasses on? Good.

Allow me to present to you, Rosie Lee, the third lacquer I am trying from butter LONDON's Fall 09 Collection.

Rosie Lee is a dense pink glitter that turns almost foil like when it's in the sun. As you can see in the swatch, this colour can veer from being a sweet pink to something that astronauts could see from space.


However, whilst I love the colour pay off - it really is extraordinary, isn't it - this is an absolute pain in the a** to apply. The swatch on the left is four coats and, even with those four coats, I had a couple of bald spots.

Also, because the glitter is quite chunky and large, I found it impossible to get a good finish on the nail. In attempting to get close to the cuticle, I couldn't help but get some of the glitter onto my hands.

As you would expect with such a dense glitter, this dries to a lumpy finish, however a coat of Seche Vite smoothes out most of the rough edges. Be prepared, however, for a few hanging edges. These don't bother me, but some of the more finicky amongst you might want to file the edges off.

Despite all of the problems with this, I consider this colour to be a crown jewel amongst my vast collection of lacquers. It is, in my opinion, completely unique. I don't have anything even close to it, although I wonder if Bloom's new shade, Las Vegas, might come close. Love it.

So, for those of you who haven't gone blind, does Rosie Lee tickle your fancy?


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