Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Event: Nails Night Out

It's times like these I desparately wished I lived in the US, although I will be making the trip next November for Thanksgiving (I am inordinately obsessed with the concept of Turduckens).

Nails Night Out kicks off in New York in partnership with today's top lacquer brands including Rescue Beauty Lounge, Nailtini, Priti NYC, Color Club Nail Polish/Forsythe Cosmetic Group, Barielle, Jesses Girl Cosmetics, Nailtini, OC Nail Art, Carol's Daughter, White Lies l Color Truths and PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics.

Nails Night Out is a gathering of bloggers, beauty editors, creative directors, lacquer lovers, and beauty/cosmetics junkies for a night filled with polish splendor. Traveling the nation, Nails Night Out will stop in multiple cities to fulfill their mission of spreading color and beauty to the world.

Ok, if I win the lottery, this will be my first stop. After I buy the entire collection of Rescue Beauty Lounge of course. And a Turducken.


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