Thursday, October 8, 2009

Skin Food - BR601

One of my favourite parts of Fall is the crunchy leaves on the ground. It entertained me as a child to stomp through the leaves - delighting in the crunch they made - and it entertains me now.

Skin Food's BR601 reminds of those leaves. I tossed up whether to classify this as a bronze or an orange and, eventually, decided on orange. But this is, realistically, so much more than an orange.

When I wear this, I feel like Beyonce in the Work it Out video. Totally and absolutely Foxy Cleopatra.

Like RE107, application of this is fantastic. If anything, application is a little easier than RE107. Brush strokes are super forgiving (no streaks, bald spots or sticking) and it dries very quickly.

Where this falls down is on tip wear. The tips started to wear on Day 1, which made me nearly cry because I loved how this colour looked on my nails. However, that wasn't all the lacquer's fault. I had failed to apply a top coat. Once I did that, my tips were good to go until Day 3 before they started to wear again.

All up, I won't say this is my favourite fall colour, but it's definitely up there. It's cheap, applies well and looks gorgeous.


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