Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Sneak Peak

I was going to make this week all about the glitter. I even had a great name to celebrate my love of all things sparkly - Bling It On.

That was before my butter LONDON Fall 2009 collection arrived in the post. Since it landed on my doorstep, I haven't stopped playing with it. I love love love this collection. The quality. The colours. The longevity (I wore a manicure for four days last week using two of the colours and it didn't chip, wear or shift). The fact that it's three free. Outstanding.

So, this week will be dedicated to butter LONDON's Fall 2009 collection. However, this week won't be about straight swatches (although there are those). This collection is amazing when it's mixed and match with the Konad. Each day, I'll bring you a basic swatch AND akonad-icure using another lacquer from the collection.

I can't guarantee success every day - indeed, knowing how terrible I am with the Konad, there's bound to be a disaster somewhere along the line - but I'm hoping there will be some great color collaborations.

Suffice to say, I am now lemming butter LONDON lacquers something fierce. Indeed, I've scheduled a little 'field trip' in a week's time to visit a store here in Melbourne, Klein's Perfumery, that stocks a limited range. My mission: to obtain the shade, Muggins. This lavender hue features heavily in my dreams at the moment. I won't rest until I have it.

PS. I just got onto Asos in the UK who are stocking the butter LONDON Christmas Edition and, yep, you guessed it, I couldn't resist and bought all three. I am having them delivered to my lovely English mother in law, who will be visiting Australia in three weeks, and will bring them out with her. I also bought some Ciate Paint Pots. Uh, I think I may have an addiction!


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