Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Australis - Emerald Star

Australis' Emerald Star is, straight up, the weirdest lacquer I think I've ever tried.

The first coat goes on as a teal. A streaky, dirty, hideous teal. I was sorely tempted to just clean it off. That's how foul the first coat was.

But I persisted. And, like the little ugly duckling, this lacquer turned into a bonafide swan. It literally changed colours between coats one and two. I have no idea why.

Like butter LONDON's British Racing Green, this is an unrepentant green. However, it's subtle enough that it can still be worn for work.

This is a two coat lacquer, although I used three in the swatch just because I desperately wanted to erase the image of that first coat.

Other than the foul first coat, application is easy with this. The brush glides along smoothly and the formula is neither too runny or too thick.

So, ladies, how do you like Emerald Star?


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