Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OPI - O'Hare And Nails Look Great

Many years ago, I used to be all about OPI. I think, at one stage, I had around 100 bottles of OPI, 5 Chanels, and 1 very sad and unloved Helena Rubenstein. I was an unrepetant OPI Snob.

Since then, I've discovered the joys of different polishes, and have expanded my arsenal to include every brand you can imagine. But OPI still holds a dear place in my heart. The colours are amazing and I think the Pro-Wide brushes are sent from Nail Heaven.

Coming in at No. 4 of my All Time Favourite Lacquers is OPI's O'Hare And Nails Look Great, from the Chicago Collection.

This is a no fooling, take no prisoners, red. It's like a fire engine that has been lit on fire itself.

The first reason why I love this colour, is the way it applies. The swatch on the left is one coat. Yes, one coat. Part of the reason why I only need coat is the Pro-Wide brush that makes application a breeze and distributes the lacquer evenly. But a big part of the ease is the polish itself. It's thick without being gloopy, and just seems to know where to go when it's on the nail.

Another reason why I love this is the shine. Not only is this swatch one coat. It's also without a top coat. Which makes this colour a one-coat and you're out the door kind of colour.

But the biggest reason why I love this is the colour. Many reds are either orangey reds or blue reds. This is one red that doesn't seem lean either way. It's just..... red. Hot red.

I'm sure many of you have hot reds that you adore. What's your favourite red? Or do you have too many to count?


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