Friday, October 9, 2009

Casual Friday - For Leanne

I'm dedicating this little bit of nail art to the gorgeous, Leanne, of Do Not Refreeze. I only have a brother but, if I were able to have a sister, I'd want her to be like Leanne. She's just fab.

In my post of Eyeko's Pastel Polish, Leanne wondered how the Eyeko polishes would fare if they were used with the Konad Stamper. Well, Leanne, wonder no more, because here it is!

This is Australis Sapphire Blue as the base with Eyeko's Pastel Polish as the Konad stamp imprint. I chose the stars just because I wanted to create a crisp and cloudless autumn evening where you look up and all you can see are a plethora of milky stars that twinkle.

So, how did the Eyeko fare? Really well. Because Pastel Polish is not a one-coat and you're opaque colour, you can see the Australis colour come through the stars. For me, it takes this from being one colour stamped on another, to a creation that is perfectly melded together.

So what do you guys think? A success?

Please make sure you tune in to the site tomorrow when I announce the details of my very first giveaway. I know you guys will love it!


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