Monday, October 19, 2009

butter LONDON - Scoundrel - Part I

** Apologies for the terrible photography in this post. I have the shakes and just couldn't get my hand to behave today! In the end, I gave up and hoped you guys would forgive me :-) **

The first polish I am trying from butter LONDON's Fall 09 Collection is Scoundrel.

This is the type of colour I typically avoid. I'm just not into purples and, generally speaking, purples just aren't into me either. We're like frenemies - we accept each other's existence but we're not entirely thrilled.

Scoundrel, though, is completely different to other purples. I know this makes kinda no sense but it's more 'creamy' than other purples. Dusky even. It's like a neutralised purple and, for that reason, it totally works on me and I, in return, love it.

The formula is runny, which does take getting used to. The first time I applied this to my nails, I had to remove it immediately, because it had run all over my cuticles and fingers. However, once I learnt to work with the formula - thin coats are best, which you then build up to bottle colour - I didn't have any more unfortunate accidents.

Despite the runniness, this is a two coats and it's opaque colour (as shown in the swatch). It dries quickly to a high gloss finish. I took this photo before I applied my top coat. Check out that gleam!

Longevity on this is amazing - if you do the right thing. And, by right thing, I mean apply a good top coat. I wore this for four days last week, during which time I did dishes and washed my hair (twice) and it didn't chip, wear or fade.

So, ladies, are you a fan of purples and, if you are, does Scoundrel appeal? Stay tuned, as I'm going to try a konad-icure later today using Scoundrel and another colour from the butter LONDON Fall 09 Collection.


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