Saturday, October 10, 2009

Naily News #3

Yummy Mummy Nat once again puts my Konad skills to shame. Nat, if you keep on producing these incredible manicures, I may have to fly you out here to become my personal manicurist.

Helen and Sheenie's Nice Things rock LA Girls' Groupie. That sounds all wrong, but it's really beautiful.

After being missing in action, Nicole is back with a glitter manicure that makes me want to eat candy - it's that delicious and alluring.

Another MIA blogger is Skye. She is also back with a bling-it-up supersized manicure.

Kae swatches another black jelly with red glitter and, despite having ten of these already, I must have this new one. Not because it's particularly beautiful but because Kae makes it look stunning.

Siobhan trials the new Hills Collection. Is anyone else addicted to The Hills as much as me? Well, I could do with seeing less of Audrina but the rest of it is pure reality tv catnip.

Amarena has another amazing Konad-icure.

Call off the search party because Skye is back in business. And she's blinging it up big style.

Polish Mayhem is setting a high standard with her Halloween manicure.

There's nothing random about the gorgeous colours in Brooke's random swatches. Each one is a masterpiece.

Iceomatic ups the Halloween stakes with a super Mickey Mouse Skeleton design.

Gilded Angel takes me back to when I was five and just starting ballet. Magical.

Ginger channels Rachel Zoe and utter gorgeous with a superb teal.

Nixxy is making me super jealous with her lovely collection of Zoya polishes.

Nosaby, why must you make me love Ruby Pumps so?

Is there nothing Leanne can't do with her Konad? The girl should take her show on the road.


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