Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Sneak Peak

This week is all about Fall. Behold my raggedy a** photoshopping skills!

Last week, I was all about Spring, which is great for my readers who are in the Southern Hemisphere, but reasonably unfair for those of you going into Fall. So, consider this balancing the ledger.

Also my brother, who lives in Boston, has been sending me some amazing photos. I have been totally inspired by the beautiful browns and reds in his snapshots.

This week, I'll be trialling two polishes I picked up from Skin Food, a Korean based cosmetics company. These colours look so gorgeous in the bottle. I hope they look as good on my nails.

BYS is a cheapie Australian brand. And when I say cheap, I mean CHEAP. $3 cheap. Moody Ruby looks like a brown in the bottle but it goes on like a vampy, decadent red. I heart it like I heart my kids. Almost.

Miki is a ...... well, actually, I have no idea where Miki is from. Their website gives me no clues. All I know is that I picked up some polishes for $2.50 with very low expectations, but have been very pleasantly surprised with the ones I have tried so far.

Finally, I've included Australis' Sapphire Blue. Australis is an Australian cosmetics brand that has, in the last two years, reinvented itself from being very low end to somewhere more middle of the road. I'm finding their colours are on trend, great quality and reasonably inexpensive.

I hope you enjoy my Fall colours. Make sure you tune in to the site on Saturday 10th October 2009. For one thing, it's my birthday and I love attention on my birthday! For another, I will be launching my very first giveaway on the site.

Finally, before I sign off, I think I may have found a Chanel Jade Dupe that will set you back $AUD11. It's not a perfect replica of Chanel but it's pretty darn close. I'm not sure when I will get around to posting that but it will be sometime this week.


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