Monday, October 26, 2009

Eyeko - Saucy Red Polish

I don't think any Halloween would be complete without a splash of red.

Eyeko's Saucy Red polish is like tabasco sauce. Hot and you only need a little to have an impact.

This is a super hot red. I'd say it leans towards the orange side, but it's still a classic, old Hollywood red. I can totally imagine Rita Hayworth wearing this in Gilda (one of my favourite movies of all time).

I also think it might be a close dupe to OPI's O'Hare and Nails Look Great. I'll do a side by side this afternoon and get your opinion. If so, then this is a cheap alternative to an OPI classic.

My only issue with the Eyeko lacquers so far is the brush. Well, not the brush as such, but the lid. It's so diddy and light that I have trouble getting a good grasp of it and, as a consequence, my application is never as good as with other, more substantial lids. Are any of you finding the same problem?

Whatever the application issues, Eyeko lacquers are super good and, now even more cheap than ever. I thought I was getting a good deal at 9 pounds. These are now available for a crazy 5.40 pounds. That's $USD8.80 or $AUD10.50. That's for all SIX lacquers. I think that's an excuse for an Eyeko haul in any language!


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