Saturday, October 24, 2009

Naily News #5

Today is your last chance to enter my October Giveaway. Entries close at 8pm ADST and I will announce the winners tomorrow!

Purple glitter? Fabulous nails? Beautiful chick? That can only mean that Skye is back in town.

Might. Fight. Urge. Siobhan sends me into a glitter coma with her swatches of Zoya's Ultra Glitter Collection. Seriously, girls, you need to cease and desist with the glitter. My eyes are perpetually rolling into the back of my head.

Mary swatches Essie's Sweet Time of the Year collection. And she's running a giveaway for all three!

Scrangie was my favourite colour from the RBL Blogger Collection. Ginger trials this and I think I jusy fell a little more in love with it.

Katie is Seriously Hip. So are her nails.

Nixxy trials a delicious Australian holo. I have ordered three of these and can't wait until they arrive. I'm an unashamed haul wh*re.

Dear Higher Power, when I grow up, can you teach me how to do nails like Diana. Cos, compared to her, I totally suck.

Kae reminds me why pink is such a beautiful colour.

Amabile does a manicure that reminds me of the night sky. McDreamy.

Amarena does something I could never do. Elegant.

Helen gets to meet Alex Box from Illamasqua. And I'm so green with jealousy that I could pass for grass.

Doo dots her way to doo-licious nails.

Gilded Angel will have your mind boggling with this Konad-icure. I don't think I will ever get close to doing something like this. Sorry, ladies, you're stuck with me and my crappy konading.

Leanne does some beautiful swatches of a recent haul.


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