Monday, October 5, 2009

Skin Food - RE107

Skin Food is a Korean based cosmetic brand, which I discovered whilst trawling through Nail Polish Ninja. I was instantly taken in by the cute bottles and luscious colours.

RE107 (someone please explain to me why Asian lacquer brands have such unsexy naming conventions) is a deep red jelly.

Fine glitter particles seem to light the polish from within. When I applied it, it was almost like the glitter was suspended in the nail polish. I couldn't help but stare at my nails all day.

Application was a breeze with this. It dries super fast so, by the time you've finished the first coat, your nails are ready for the second.

It takes two coats to become opaque although, if you really want no visible nail line, I'd recommend three coats.

Longevity is ok. This lasted about two days before I started to see some minor tipwear. But that was easily fixed with a quick touch up on the tips and a further topcoat. This is the kind of polish you can put on on Monday and still be wearing on Friday.

Best of all about this? It's a pretty good - and far cheaper - dupe for Bloom's Sangria.

I've lined up both polishes side by side and, really, in the photos there is minimal difference between the two.

In person, RE107 is more of a 'true' red than Sangria, which has huge dollops of pink and gold running through it.

However these differences are only perceptible if you are really looking for them. You could easily get away with wearing the RE107 (which is much, much cheaper - I paid $3 for RE107 on eBay) rather than Sangria, and save yourself a few dollars.

So what do you guys think? Do you like RE107 from Skin Food? Do you think it's a good dupe for Sangria?


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