Tuesday, October 27, 2009

kit - Power Up

kit Cosmetics is an Australian company whose credo is pretty simple: 'Dedicated to you looking good'.

Power Up is described as a patent black with metallic shimmer. For me, it's a little simpler than that. Think a black night sky with little stars - perfect for Halloween - and that is Power Up.

The glitter in this is super fine, which means you get a perfectly smooth finish. No chunky lumpies here! The glitter is a silver colour, which offsets beautifully against the black.

The formula is nothing short of exquisite. It is creamy and wonderfully easy to work with. Ladies, this stuff is up there with OPI and China Glaze in terms of ease of application.

The swatch here is.... wait for it..... you will be amazed..... I promise.... one coat. Yes, one coat gets you this perfectly opaque finish. Most blacks I wear always have a streaky first coat. Not this one. If you're a lazy manicurist like I am, you will love Power Up.

This was the first kit colour I've tried and I'm super impressed. The formula, the colour, the ease of application. This is a great Aussie polish that ticks all of the boxes for me.


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