Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Sneak Peak

Really, did you this week wouldn't be about Halloween?

I've trawled through my collection and found some fabulous Halloween colours. There's a mix of the dark and vampy with some colours that just suit this time of year.

Let me ask you guys something. Many of you are mums, or you're still young enough, to perhaps relate to my current dilemma.

My four year old wants to do Trick or Treat this year. He even has his Spiderman outfit all sorted. Now, in Australia, celebrating Halloween is a very recent thing. Not alot of people celebrate it, and some even violently reject the event as 'Americanism'. Thankfully, my street has a alot of young children so we've all agreed to make it a community event.

My question is, for all you seasoned Trick or Treaters, how do you ensure your kids have a great time but are still safe? What are your 'rules' for your kids? Do you allow them to eat lollies that aren't in a wrapper? How do you make sure they don't eat too much? I am a total Halloween novice.


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