Monday, October 19, 2009

butter LONDON - Scoundrel - Part II

I told you I would have a Konad-icure disaster this week. I think this might be is it.

This is butter LONDON's Scoundrel with Minger, the orange colour from their Fall 09 collection.

I thought orange on purple would work really well and provide a great contrast. However, because these colours aren't 'in your face' colours - they are quite subtle and subdued - the contrast just didn't come through like I had hoped it would.

Perhaps it might have worked better if I had put the purple on the orange?

The raggedy a** photos don't help either. I have no idea whether my lighting is off, or if my hands are having a bad hair day. Pffft. I think I should, as we say in Australia, 'take my bat and ball and go home'. That is, I should just give up on trying to justify this atrocity and look forward to tomorrow's colour.


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