Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miki - 9155

As I mentioned in Sunday Sneak Peak, I have no idea where the Miki brand is from. So I can't tell you whether they are 3-free (actually, I think they probably have three of everything), where you can buy them from, or what their range is.

All I know is that I picked up 9155 (yes, another ridiculous name) from my local pharmacist for a very cheap $2.50. This was sitting in a basket at the counter, with other marked down cosmetics, begging me for a home.

This is a frosty brown, if that makes sense. I don't normally like frosts - realistically, I only bought this because it was so cheap - and, when I applied the first coat, I thought my prejudices had been confirmed. I hated this on the first coat. Insipid, streaky and BORING.

But then I applied the second coat. And all was forgiven. The second coat eliminated the streaks. The colour deepened. It developed facets and looked different in every light.

This is a fantastic polish for those of you who work in conservative environments, but don't want to sacrifice the sexy. This makes me feel elegant, understated but still smoking hot. Love it!


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