Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tag - You Make Me Smile

The beautiful, talented, gorgeous Ginger of Pink Ginger tagged me for You Make Me Smile.

The rules are super simple: I post a song that makes me smile and why, and then I tag those blogs that make me smile and why.

So, the song I've chosen is Guster's Satellite.

The reason why this song makes me smile is because I - rather cornily, I admit - see this as a metaphor for my husband and kids, and how much I love them. The chorus is particularly poignant for me:

You're my Satellite.
You're riding with me tonight.
Passenger side. Lighting the Sky.
Always the first star that I find.
You're my Satellite.

My boys light my way through life. That's why that song makes me smile.

Blogs that make me smile are:

Leanne from Do Not Refreeze. She is seriously like the little sister I always wanted. Her zest for life is infectious. I always walk away from her blog with a smile on my face.

I know I can't really tag back but I do heart Pink Ginger so badly. She does flawless manicures and I love the stories behind them.

Nixxy never fails to make to me smile with her fab manicures and the man meat she insists on posting.

I won't tag anyone else in particular (really, you all make me smile), so please tag yourself and let me know the things that make you smile.


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