Monday, October 12, 2009

Precision - Raspberry Beret

Coming in at No. 5 of my All Time Favourite Lacquers is Precision's Raspberry Beret.

I stumbled on this during an excursion to a seedy part of town in search of cheap OPI and China Glaze. As I was paying for my OPI and China Glaze (all bought at around half the price of what I would pay in a nicer part of town), my gaze momentarily rested upon a dusty, and rather unloved, Precision stand.

Raspberry Beret ticked all my boxes in terms of colour and, really, when a lacquer is named after a classic Prince song, I defy anyone to be able to resist. It was also cheap (around $7) so I figured (as I silently sang the lyrics to Raspberry Beret in my head), 'Why have I got to lose?'

I loved this colour so much that, the next weekend, I went back to that seedy part of town and bought four more. That's love. Or an illness. I'll let you decide.

Raspberry Beret is a deep plum creme that would suit almost any skin tone.

This is opaque in one coat, however, I always apply two just to give me a little more richness and depth. And, with a good topcoat, you can expect this to last up to five days before you start to see tipwear.

Why this makes it into my Top 5 is not just the colour and the quality, although that certainly helps. What sets this apart from other colours in my collection is its versatility. This is a colour you can wear during the day at work and and at a formal event in the evening.

Unfortunately, this is a bugger to find. Only a few stockists still hold the product, although there seems to be a few lurking on eBAY at any given time. Thankfully, I have a whole stack of these in my collection so I won't be running out in a hurry.


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