Sunday, October 25, 2009

October Giveaway! We have three winners!

Ladies, yesterday was the final day to enter my inaugural giveaway!

I did a very scientific draw - see, I even used a software system called The Hat (if anyone is wondering, the reason why there are numbers at the end of each name is because followers received three entries, hence I had to enter followers three times) - and the winners are.....

Gilded Angel, who wins the much desired Celia.

Pink Ginger, who wins the sumptuous Francisca (this is going to look so amazing on you, Ginger).

Elaine Gabat, who wins my favourite of the collection, Luciana.

Ladies, if you could please email me (my address is in the sidebar to the left) with your address details, I will post out your lacquers this week!

For everyone else, I've decided to make giveaways a regular feature here at YGN. So, please, stick around for the next one, which I'll be launching in the second week of November.


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