Friday, November 6, 2009

Bloom - Seoul

I have a love/hate relationship with Bloom. It's really pretty simple, really. I love their lacquers, but I hate their prices. That doesn't stop me buying them, but it doesn't stop me whinging about them either. :-)

Anyway, Bloom recently released their B Collection at Target. Although some of the colours are unique, others are old colours repackaged under different names. 'Adelaide' is Jessica Mauboy's Sangria. Edinburgh is Jessica Mauboy's Myrtle Green. Corsica is Miss Connie's Pop Art Blue. Not that I mind, however. The lacquers in this collection are only marginally smaller than the usual Bloom colour (11mls versus the normal 12mls), but cost a whopping $5 less. I can get behind that!

With 70 choices, you can imagine my panic standing in Target. I kinda wanted all of them. In the end, I settled for four of the glitters that, for me, stood out as being utterly unique.

Seoul is a dense silver glitter. And I mean dense. This is a glitter that is opaque in two coats, as shown here. Seriously, that's only two coats. Amazing, huh?

As you would expect with such a dense glitter, the finish on this is rough. And there are a few hanging edges. Nothing that a gentle file and a coat of Seche Vite can't fix.

As for why it's called Seoul..... don't ask me. I have no idea. But I love it all the same!


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