Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mecca Cosmetica - Helen - Part II

The Part I should have given it away that there might be a Part II of Mecca Cosmetica's Helen.

And here it is! I have reached for the Konad again and I think I might be onto a winner.

This is Helen as the base, with Dionyza (the blue colour) used for the Konad stamp (plate #57). Definitely click to see the larger image.

I think this looks so cute. It's absolute perfect for the lovely, warmer weather we're having here in Australia as we head into summer. I can see myself using this manicure alot.

As for how Mecca lacquers fare with the Konad, they do remarkably well. Because they are quite thin lacquers and not opaque on the first coat, they tend to take on the colour of the base. So, you don't get the blue in all its glory. You get the blue with a hint of yellow peaking through.

I love this because it makes the manicure look more natural - if that makes sense - but it may not suit those of you who love bold, opaque designs.

All up, despite my Konading skills (and I am getting better at this everytime, so it's true that practice makes perfect), this is s great little manicure.


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